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Karate Kid Part III Blogging

So Daniel-san wants to defend the title he won in the first movie. But Mr Miagi refuses to train him, because karate is supposed to only be for self defense, not for trophies. But then an evil billionaire keeps humiliating Daniel until Mr Miagi changes his tune.

Isn’t that still just fighting over pride? The same thing as the trophy, pretty much? Sure they promised to keep coming after him, but didn’t it occur to him at all to call the police? No instead, they decide that they need to beat Cobra Kai (again) in the tournament (again), even though that’s what got them into this mess in the first place.

Beating these douchebags once caused them to declare all out war, so it’s likely that beating them again is just going to piss them off more. Meaning that in no way can this be called self defense. You’re just antagonizing them.

Maybe Miagi knows this. He’s a smart guy. Maybe it’s not about self defense at all. Maybe he’s just pissed off and wants to let these guys know who’s tough. At that point, he’s training Daniel for revenge. Which is the same as what the Cobra Kai is doing.

Karate Kid Part III is currently streaming on Netflix. It’s better with the Rifftrax.

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