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Mad Men Coming Back

Good news for fans of infidelity and drinking during the day.

All the details released point to the fact that AMC likes having an award winning show on it’s roster, but doesn’t think it’s making enough money. Budget cuts, shorter episodes (so they can sell more ads) and even more product placement (which doesn’t make sense to me because the companies that hire SCDP usually end up looking like clueless idiots. Utz Potato Chips, I’m talking to you).

My question is why all the cost cutting/income maximizing? It’s going into Season 5. Did the other 4 lose money? Or is AMC now expecting this show to subsidize more of their other programming? For all the good press AMC gets for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, most of the time they’re still AMC, I guess.

Since we’re talking about it, what do they show when Mad Men and Breaking Bad aren’t on? I honestly have no idea. Do they still just replay Mr Mom every 2 hours?

Props to AMC for taking the risk with these shows. They had no idea if people would find their way to this backwater network to watch great television, but they trusted these creators and let them run wild. Now it’s paying off, and they’re trying to cash in. Lets just hope they don’t shoot themselves in the foot. Mad Men’s good because it’s well written. It’s popular because it’s cool. If Don Draper suddenly switches from gin to Mikes Hard Lemonade, it’s as good as gone.

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