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Pizza with Bacon and Broccoli Rabe

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Pizza dough is a pretty simple enterprise. If you’re doing it right, it’s no more than four or five ingredients, so you best make them count.

Started this dough on Sunday. Been trying different flour combinations. I found some Italian flour online, ground superfine, and have tried a few different combinations. This one was 60% King Arthur Bread Flour, and 40% Caputo “00” Flour.  Been trying to use as little additional flour as possible needing. Wetter dough gives you a better oven spring and a fluffier crust. But that dough’s harder to work with, and I don’t think it browns as well. Also, not loving the 00 flour. I think that was made more for ovens that go up to about 800° or so. The rickety old firepit in my apartment can’t get much past 500. The first attempt didn’t turn out so good.

IMG 1689

Stuck to the peel. Didn’t brown too great. Was luckier with the second one. Used more bench flour. Lighter touch, maybe. Threw some blanched broccoli rabe and bacon on there. The bitterness of the broccoli rabe cut through the fat of the bacon. Also let it cook a bit longer. This pie went almost 10 minutes. Not what you’d get in a professional oven, but not bad for my tiny ass little apartment.

IMG 1695

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