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Juggalo Nation

If you share my fascination with Juggalo culture, then this is the whirling death trip into the heart of ICP darkenss you were waiting for.

In the end, it’s just another way for thousands of kids who feel that no one understands them to get together an collectively bitch that no one understands them. It’s like organized religion or a Tea Party rally, but with at least a bit of self awareness at how ridiculous the whole thing is.

We wanted to say in the song because Juggalos are our family, and Juggalo homies are there for you. Especially when you’re younger, going through shit, you’ve gotta lie to your family, and you don’t have to lie to your friends… you go fuck a hooker, you can’t tell your mom or your family about that, but you go right to your boys, and be like, “Man, I fucked a hooker last night!” [Laughs.]

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