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Hurricane part 5

The rain started getting crazy about 9 PM. Sheets were coming down, and the wind gusts were getting noticeable.

The news has been conflicting. It looks like there’s been damage, but nothing catastrophic. That is keeping out spirits up. It’s the timeline that worries me. Before they were saying Irene would be hitting us mostly over night. Starting really about now and peaking about 2 AM tomorrow. But now we’re learning the eye is expected to get to us about 9 am. Meaning we’ve got about 24 hours of this left. A lot can happen in that amount of time. A town, the people, have a breaking point somewhere. I’m not afraid of wind or rain, but I’m a little nervous about about their stamina.

In the mean time, were drinking Port wine and watching the Evil Dead movies (Erin’s never seen them before!).

Saturday, 10 PM: Rain – 1. Wind damage – 2

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