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Preparing for Irene

Preparations for Irene. First off, supplies. Canned beans, soups, tuna. Bread and pasta. Frozen vegetarian buffalo bites. I know they’re perishable and were probably not a great idea but THEY’RE SO FUCKING GOOD. If the power goes out, I will eat them all in one sitting.

Today I plan on going out to find some ice. I have a cooler. When we lose power (and I’m assuming that we will lose power) anything perishable can go in the cooler with the ice. That should last a day or two. I’m just wondering who will be open. Where can I get the ice that hasn’t closed up shop and got outta town themselves? You have to be one dedicated bodega owner to lash yourself to the mainsail like that.

Candles and books. Cat food and litter. Tons of water. Duct tape. And wine. Probably way more wine than we need.

Checked the news this morning. The hurricane is expected to stay about a Cat 1 the whole time as it makes its way from the Carolinas up to New England. It will likely just have been downgraded as it’s hitting Maine. It’s sustained, slow, and driving, but not earth shattering. Winds should be less than 100 mph. It’s the rain that worries. Hours of rain. Think 40 days and 40 nights type of rain.

This means you had better pick your company carefully, as you’ll be with these people for a long time. The water will come in, and it’s going to take some time to recede. If you’re in a low lying area, get to higher ground.

I’m planning on sticking it out here. My apartment is less than a kilometer from the beach, but I’m high up off the ground, on the second floor of a building with high ceilings. I’m sure any self respecting survivalist is laughing at me for even thinking of leaving. Still, looking around, if you gotta have a place to lie low for a while, this seems as good as any.

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