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Firemen Are Not Very Social On The Job

I’ve hung out with firemen before. Usually they’re a blast. Hell, they’ve got a pretty intense job. They’re the ones you call when shit is on fire. I get it. That’s one hell of a responsibility. So when you run into one of these guys off duty, they have a lot of steam to blow off, and usually they’re the life of the party.

When they’re on the clock, however, it is different. I’m not talking about some Denis Leary world here, either. I’m saying that my real life interactions with firemen actually on the job have never been very pleasant. Even when there’s no fire raging, we’re not in a life or death moment, it seems like they really don’t want anything to do with you. If you’re not on fire, forget about it.

Tonight, for instance, I was out of town, but I heard that there was a fire in my neighborhood. Honestly, I was a little worried. After all, I have 2 cats in this little apartment we never practiced evacuation procedures. I know it’s a large area, and the odds are that my place was fine. Still, I was a bit nervous driving back into town.

When I got here, I see flashing lights circling my building. I live on a corner, and the side street was blocked off and there were cops and firemen standing out front. You could tell that the action was happening down at the other end of the block, so I wasn’t worried anymore about my place. But it still seemed like an invasion into my neighborhood. The entire street was filled with fire fighters, police officers, and reporters. It was starting to seem a little too much like a battle field for m tastes.

The fireman out front did let me through so I could park in front of my building. That was nice, because he could easily have let me the next block down.

Still, I needed more information. So I walked up to the cop who was monitoring the situation on my corner and asked what happened. There was no response. He looked away from me and spit on the ground a bit. No kidding, he seemed to be the bad guy in a mid 80’s movie. All I wanted was some info.

Still, I felt I had to ask what happened. He told me that there was a fire at the warehouse down by the train station. No further information was forthcoming. I did get him to nod when I asked him if everyone was okay, so I hope that means there were no injuries. It’s pretty obvious they don’t see their job as public relations. They control the scene, and the scene supersedes the actors.

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