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Can Someone Tell Me What Club Soda Is?

Erin and I stocked the bar today. I bought Old Granddad. Erin got some sort of cheap gin and enough tonic to cure malaria. Since they were having a special, she planned on getting club soda as well.

Here’s the things we recently got one of those Sodastream machines that puts fizz in your water. I argued that this made store bought club soda obsolete. Take water, add CO2 and booze. You’ve got yourself a cocktail. She is convinced that what you get out of this machine is seltzer, not club soda.

In this case, it doesn’t appear that the Internet can help settle the matter. People seem to use the terms interchangeably. I did notice that the club soda bottles at the store had sodium bicarbonate – baking soda – listed in the ingredients. The bottles of seltzer contained nothing more than carbonated water.

I’m not too concerned. I’m sure that no matter what comes out of that contraption, after the second scotch and whatever-that-is, you’ll be hard pressed to pay it any mind.

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