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If A Gun Is Fired In The Ghetto, Does It Make A Sound?

May 16, 2013

David Dennis on our society’s uneven distribution of empathy.

This is the largest mass shooting in the United States where the shooters were still at large after the crime was committed. Think about that for a minute. From Columbine to Virginia Tech to Fort Hill to Aurora, all the shooters were either killed or apprehended on site. But the person or people responsible for shooting 19 Americans are still free.

So why am I allowed to go outside? Where‘s the city quarantine or FBI and Homeland Security presence for this act of “terrorism”?

Because this is an act of domestic terrorism right? Just because the alleged shooter was wearing a white tee and jeans does that suddenly make the shooting a gang-related affair? And we all know how irrelevant gang-related shootings are in America. The Mother’s Day shooting is so irrelevant that politicians haven’t even bothered to mention it to further their anti-gun agendas. If the shootings aren‘t even important enough for politicians to spin, then it’s truly reached a black hole of irrelevance.

It’s a sad reminder that, in America today, some folks are deemed worthy of our attention and some are not.

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