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This is where you start

I wanted to do something special with the first post here. It’s exciting, right? A new blog. A virtual tabla rasa. I thought I should celebrate. Like at the grand opening of a car wash.

I tried to get balloons, but I want this blog to be environmentally responsible, and the balloons could float away and kill a seagull or something.

I considered a cheese and cracker tray, but what about lactose and gluten intolerant readers?

I thought about clowns, but they’re terrifying.

I even looked into having a characacher artist, but when I Googled how to spell that word (slippery little devil), I found that apparently there are web sites that’ll do it for you, but they’re goofy. Not exactly the tone I wanted to set.

So you’re left with this post. It’s not much to speak about. No fancy font. No embedded video.  It probably has some spelling errors. But it gets the ball rolling, and that’s something.

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